Dear Editor:

I have written to the Queens Jewish Link before, to sing the praises of Goldy Krantz, but today I will sing them loud and long from the rooftops.

Her article, “Good Day, Sir,” has given me the courage to quit a second job I had taken on for financial purposes. At first, I thought that I’d be able to manage, and even though my coworkers weren’t overly friendly, and the work didn’t excite me, I kept at it. But the pressures of the job were more than I bargained for, and I am trying to balance my nine-to-five job plus my family. It was getting to be too much and really not worth the cost, subtracting from spending time with my family or doing things I enjoy doing. After speaking it over with my husband, we both agreed that it’s not worth it if it doesn’t make me happy and we can still get by with my one job.

Like Goldy, I feel lighter already! I’m going to tell my manager tomorrow. I’m going to sparkle more now – but with my family, doing things that make me feel like sparkling!

 Thanks, Goldy!

 Chaya Goldstein


Dear Editor:

This letter is regarding Sergey Kadinsky’s column in last week’s issue, featuring David Aronov running for a City Council seat.

The Bukharian Jewish community should feel proud that someone who grew up in their community and understands their needs so well is running to represent them as a member of the City Council. I have no doubt that when it comes to constituent services, he will be very proactive and will deliver.

However, given his political background working as a staff member for Karen Koslowitz, I would think that it is likely that he will, for the most part, support and vote for leftwing progressive policies, which would in fact be to the detriment of the district and his community.

 Alan Fenster
Kew Gardens Hills

Dear Editor:

 Longtime liberal Manhattan Member of Congress and Democratic House Judiciary Committee Chairperson Jerry Nadler believes that the ongoing violence in Portland, Oregon, committed by Antifa, is a myth. Has he spent too much time in the alternate universe known as Capitol Hill? He reminds me of the famous three monkeys: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil.

How can anyone – liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, young or old – be in denial about two months’ worth of nightly demonstrations, which frequently turned into chaos and riots? How many times have we seen or read about attacks on public buildings and private businesses, looting, arson, and physical assault on law enforcement officials? Previous generations who engaged in peaceful protest would never dream of doing these things.

Clearly, Representative Nadler, along with many other members of both Chambers of Congress, need to take a cognitive memory test. I hope Mr. Nadler is not suffering from early onset of Alzheimer’s.


 Larry Penner
Great Neck

Dear Editor:

 This Week’s Headlines

 Conservatives now recommend wearing hazmat suits to curb the spread of socialism

 In brilliant move, chasidic men identify as rioters to confuse police so they can pray in synagogue

 Minneapolis City Council recommends people call 911 if they’re blown up by terrorists

 Twitter says Winston Churchill ‘inspires harm,’ but Stalin’s Jew-hatred is just ‘political commentary on the issues of the day’

 G-d criticized for continuing to operate the world in defiance of government lockdown

 Democrats condemn George Washington for sending in unmarked federal agents to put down Shays’ Rebellion

 Report: Trump will sign executive order to have Portland secede from the Union

 Trump floats delaying elections until vaccine is found for TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

 To help out his campaign, Hillary Clinton offers Biden debate questions in advance

 Report: G-d to send massive flood of liberal tears to wipe out Portland from the face of the Earth

 Rafi Metz