The Queens and Great Neck communities are privileged to have a plethora of organizations aimed at providing vital resources and services to the Jewish neighborhoods in their midst. I have the honor of being a volunteer in some of these communal institutions, but none compare to the self-sacrifice of the Hatzolah of Queens and Great Neck volunteers. Honestly, the volunteer who jumps out of bed, or leaves his office desk or family table, to run to save another Yid’s life in a split second’s notice could not compare to any of the services I provided, no matter how righteous they may appear.

This past week, our Hatzalah chapter, founded in 1978, welcomed eight volunteers to their fleet of spectacular responders who will cover some of the roughly 20 daily calls – 7,000 annually – with top-of-the-line training, equipment, and ambulances. While some I know personally, others by face, and others I have yet to encounter, I extend a warm welcome and tremendous thank you from our staff and readership to each of you for assuming this daunting volunteer effort.

Pictured from left to right: Simon Sebag (Q-320), Kalman Lax (Q-322), Edwin Aziz (Q-346), Aviel Rocheeld (Q-325), Moshe Stahl (Q-319), Yitzchak Kaplowitz (Q-326), Moshe Teicher (Q-214), and Yisroel Cohen (Q-323).

By Shabsie Saphirstein