Walking into Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe this past Monday, one could feel Tu Bi’Shvat in the air. The front lobby was decorated with adorable pictures of the kindergarten and Pre-1A boys artistically pretending to be trees. This was the beginning of a really exciting day.

The Early Childhood boys continued their Tu Bi’Shvat celebration gathered together for a fun and educational program. After discussing the special Yom Tov of Tu Bi’Shvat, the boys brain stormed the many things we receive from trees. From delicious fruits, to paper and fresh air; thank you Hashem for all these wonderful things we get from trees. The boys had a chance to stretch their arms as they pretended to be trees growing and giving fruit and shade to all. The program continued with a fun and interactive game. After each class chose a representative, those boys worked together to figure out the question of the day, “What do we get from trees?” The boys chose a box and were given a clue to see if they could guess what was underneath the box that comes from a tree. After a few rounds and many clever clues the boys were able to figure out all four items: fruit, pencils, blocks, and tissues. An educational video concluded the program showing the boys how paper products like paper towels and tissues are made. It was amazing to see that paper products that we use each day come from trees. Each class received delicious “fruit” flavored Gushers sponsored by the Parents Association.

Authentic real live learning transpired this past week in Rabbi Kiffel’s first grade class when Rabbi Kiffel introduced Tu Bi’shvat to the talmidim. All of the Sheva Minim were on display as Rabbi Kiffel converted the classroom into a virtual cafeteria. A perennial favorite, barley, prompted Rabbi Kiffel to heat up the big wok and serve barley soup (disguised as cholent) to all of the attendees. This modelling enabled the talmidim to get a vivid concept of the Yom Tov.