Bnos Malka Academy celebrated two special milestones this week, the first graders receiving their siddurim and the second graders their chumashim. One parent, beaming with pride, remarked, “This is my oldest child, and seeing the excitement in her eyes holding her own siddur was very special.” Executive Director Michael Salzbank explained, “The siddur, perhaps more than any other sefer, will be the vehicle our girls will connect with HaKadosh Baruch Hu. Our hope, during a girl’s years at Bnos Malka, is to build upon today’s enthusiasm and nurture a deeper appreciation for t’filah.”

The second graders also performed songs and dances to the delight of parents and grandparents. After their presentation, each girl decorated the cover to her chumash and enjoyed lots of yummy snacks and cake. A grandparent, clearly filled with nachas, mentioned, “I am beyond words when I see the degree of care and warmth that surrounds my granddaughter at Bnos Malka. She is learning beautifully, and she is well on the way to becoming a bas Yisrael.”