Rabbi Yerucham Levovitz famously wrote that “chesed starts with seeing.” We must first see the needs of others and then seek to give them help. When we do chesed, we give to others and build empathy in ourselves. When we do chesed, we model the work of the Ribbono Shel Olam. Chesed programming is essential to YSZ HS for Girls.

Ms. Sharon Kattan, a volunteer coordinator of the Chesed Program, remarked, “Chesed is a mindset. It should be a part of the daily lifestyle of a Jew. We need to be constantly thinking about what is coming up next? Who will need help? What can I do to fill that need? Kol Yisrael areivim zeh l’zeh, we are all responsible to take care of each other. The goal here is to teach the girls how to get involved and participate in the way that suits them best. When everyone is involved, the collective talent is bound to produce a masterpiece!”

Naomi Muratov, a freshman Chesed Head, described her vision for the program. “It’s all about kindness! Our goal is to involve everyone.” Suri Haya Rubinov, another Chesed Head, added, “This program is really about leadership.” The program aims to step up and train students to be lifelong ba’alot chesed.

The girls started with planning a wide array of programs, from events, guest speakers, sponsorship opportunities, and outings. The goal is for each girl to get involved. Ms. Kattan gushed, “It is amazing that at our first meeting, every single girl in the school participated; they all brought ideas to the table. Recently, they arranged care packages for the All About Kindness organization.

This past week, the girls visited the Ohel Bais Ezra home in Far Rockaway.

Mrs. Susie Gulkowitz, a community leader and founder of many chesed programs, including the Keren Aniyim Mishloach Manot business, and also Mrs. Zerykier’s mother, was scheduled to speak to the girls this past Tuesday about the power of chesed.