On Wednesday, November 2, HANC Middle School held its Names, Not Numbers© program. Names, Not Numbers is a copyrighted oral history film project and curriculum, which Mrs. Tova Fish-Rosenberg created, that takes the teaching of the Holocaust and its lessons well beyond many previous efforts. Through the Names, Not Numbers© program, HANC’s eighth-grade students had the opportunity to document the teachings of the Holocaust and address questions about an individual’s responsibility to humanity.

The night began with a dessert reception. After dessert, it was time for the feature presentation. The students interviewed Mr. Erwin Forley, Mrs. Helen Rosenstark, Mrs. Ava Schonberg, Mr. Lewis Sosnowik, Mr. Arthur Spielman, Mrs. Paula Weissman, Mrs. Ruth Zimbler, and Mrs. Reha Sokolow. Afterward, parents and students were effusive in their praise of this most powerful evening.

May the parents and students always pass down the testimony from generation to generation. Names, Not Numbers© is generously supported by a prominent national foundation.

The following people sponsored, as well: the Daitch family, the Diamond family, the Koenigsberg family, the Grossman family, the Goldress family, the Moskowitz family, the Levine family, and the Oppenheim family.

A special thank you to Tova and Dov Rosenberg for their indefatigable efforts with this program. The Names, Not Numbers© at HANC 2021-22 documentary will be included in the archives of The National Library of Israel in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, and Yeshiva University’s Gottesman Library.