On Thursday night, June 16, YCQ held a moving graduation ceremony in the YCQ yard, at dusk, for Grade 8 students, the Class of 2022. Commencement exercises included a Processional of the Graduates and National Anthems sung by Rabbi Moshe Hamel, JHS Assistant Principal, Judaic Studies.

Salutatorians Max Olsen and Gabriela Yusupov led the community in t’filos. An inspirational d’var Torah was delivered by Rabbi Mark Landsman, YCQ Principal. Mr. Israel Glaser, Chairman, Board of Trustees, welcomed the attendees. Valedictorians Eyal Traeger and Sara Leah Sullivan delivered uplifting speeches to their classmates, faculty, and families, and additional t’filos were guided by Dina Leah Milchman and Yehuda Gol.

Words of inspiration and blessing were delivered by Ms. Odelia Schlisser, JHS Assistant Principal, General Studies. “The graduation ceremony was an emotional experience,” reported Ms. Odelia Schlisser. “These graduates are exceptional in character, and I will miss them dearly.”

Rabbi Moshe Hamel stated, “YCQ students are well prepared to succeed in High School. We will, b’ezras Hashem, see much nachas from them in the future.”

“I am so proud of the accomplishments of our graduates as they are leaving YCQ,” observed Rabbi Mark Landsman, “skilled in all areas of Judaic and General Studies, as well as spiritually inspired to serve Hashem with their hearts and souls. I wish them much brachah and hatzlachah in the future.”

The following Memorial Awards were presented: Ira Miller Memorial Valedictorian Award: Sarah Leah Sullivan, Eyal Traeger; Ben Grossman Memorial Salutatorian Award: Gabriella Yusupov, Max Olsen; Ethan Weinberg Memorial Keter Shem Tov Award: Yehuda Gol, Esther Mollov; Memorial Keter Shem Tov Award: Dina Leah Milchman; Jack Geizhals; Memorial Award For Torah, Avodah, Gemilut Chasadim: Eva Kandinov, Gabriel Daniarov; Rabbi Jacob Umlas Memorial Award For Excellence in Academics, Middot, and Athletics: Rebecca Sisser, Oren Ephraim Avramov; Ruth Rosenberg Memorial Award for Holocaust Studies: Nina Gurovich, Menachem Weiss; Rabbi Louis Bernstein Memorial Award For Excellence in Mishnah-Gemarah: Becky Feygin, David Borukhov; Rabbi Dr. Chaim Messinger Memorial Award For Excellence in Chumash: Eliana Orlofsky, Maxim Lior Askari; Sora Levenson Memorial Award For Excellence in Navi: Tehilla Kaffash, Shimon Musheyev; Evelyn Weintraub Memorial Award For Excellence in Halacha: Tehila Shabtai, Julian Schneider; Rabbi Moshe Atik Memorial Award For Excellence in Parshat Hashavua: Sivan Dayan; Elisha Kohen; Symma Miller Memorial Award For Excellence in Ivrit: Natalie Bellehsen, Betzalel Hativi; Dr. Alvin Lashinsky Memorial Award for Excellence in Tefillah: Racheli Simanowitz, Rafi Taubenfeld; Gabriel Block Memorial Award For Excellence in Language Arts: Gabriella Badalov, Eliyahu Yunaev; Irving Cohen Memorial Award For Excellence in Mathematics: Temima Teitelman, Eytan Richman; Min Suskowitz Memorial Award For Excellence in Social Studies: Shira Canter, Daniel Nasimov; Joshua Lipetz Memorial Award For Excellence in Science: Daniella Mehrnia, Yishai Ashvil; Michael Simanowitz Award For Excellence In Community And School Service: Rachelli Glaser, Ozzy Dreyfuss.

This year’s graduating class is extraordinary – accepted to over 90 percent of their first-choice high schools. In the fall, former YCQ students will attend Central, SKA, YSZ, Hadar Beit Yaakov, Shevach, Prospect Park, Ateres Miriam, MTA, DRS, Rambam, MAY, YTT, Chofetz Chaim, HANC, NSHA, HAFTR, Ramaz, WHHS, and Ezra.

YCQ Faculty and PTO volunteers created a delicious collation and set up a beautiful ceremonial atmosphere. Photography credits: Mrs. Jen Jaffe, Mr. Simcha Sommer, and Mrs. Maxine Lipshitz.