On Rosh Chodesh Iyar, the Middle School girls at Bnos Malka had the privilege of meeting and hearing the incredible story of Micah Kaufman, a man whose life has always been dedicated to doing acts of chesed. As a kidney donor, he made a supreme gesture to a stranger. In December of 2019, he was in route to give chizuk to other donors, when he was in a car accident that resulted in his being in a coma for months. The prognosis was not good, and even after he awoke from the coma, he was severely disabled. His determination and emunah fueled his effort to slowly recover. Mr. Kaufman described the gratitude he has for each day, and each opportunity to do acts of chesed for others.

He urged the girls to make the most of each day and to find the act of chesed that they can do and make it their own. The girls were very moved by his story and the strength he has displayed to recover. They left committed to appreciating what they have and doing acts of chesed for others.

The presentation was in conjunction with the Bnos Malka program to focus on Birchos HaShachar during S’firas HaOmer. The specific brachah for that day was Asher Yatzar, recognizing the tremendous preventive medicine that Hashem bestows upon each person every single day.