Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls’ 11th Grade Marine Biology class is terrific! Our trip to the New York Aquarium in Coney Island on Wednesday, March 30, is one of the many reasons why Mrs. Aviva Lifshitz’s class is so special. Marine Biology is a super interactive class where we go on trips, have cool projects, and very interesting dissections.

At the Aquarium, we saw a seal show and a wide selection of other marine species. Our amazing teacher, Mrs. Lifshitz, prepared a scavenger photo hunt for us; we had to find different species and phyla, which we had discussed in class. It was so interesting to walk around the Aquarium and recognize the species with which we were familiar. We also discussed the human impact on our local ocean and marine organisms. Visiting the Aquarium was such a wonderful way of learning more about marine biology without being in the classroom environment.

Thanks go to Mrs. Lifshitz and Ms. Kuperstein who accompanied the students.

By Bella Frogel, SKA ’23