The students at the Yeshiva of Central Queens have been focusing on STEAM learning. First and Second Graders are working on the idea of engineering and the process of coming up with an idea for something that can help make our lives easier, creating a design of that idea, building it, and testing it – even if they have to do it over and over until they get it right. Working as engineers, students learned about space exploration, including the planets in order from the sun, and how astronauts and other engineers design and build things like rovers to help explore the universe to where humans cannot always go. Following a discussion about exploring Mars, they built their own Mars-rovers using their knowledge of science, technology, and math, and combining it with their creative, artistic side.

On Sunday, May 19, the winners of the YCQ Science Fair headed to HALB for the 2019 Science Congress, where they competed against winners from other yeshivos. Tied for first place was YCQ student teams Joshua Noah and Aryeh Rozic, showing their project, “Does Light Effect a Computer Color Sensor?” and Ben Kochman and Noam Traeger for their project on “Soap Theory.” Shira Fisher came in third place for her research on “Which Household Product Prevents Bacteria Growing the Best?” These students worked hard, researching and learning about their topics, as well as designing, building, and giving a brilliant presentation. The judges at the event stated, “We found your students to be mature, well behaved, and a credit to the program you have in your school. We would be gratified to see your school continue this success in 2020.”