Yeshiva Har Torah’s seventh graders brought home some hardware from the Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress, as in years past.

Earlier this year, YHT’s seventh graders put on an amazing science fair for guests and judges. The judges selected five projects from the fair to send to the Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress, hosted by HALB and attended by teams from Bais Yaakov Academy, Bnos Malka, HAFTR, HALB, Moriah, Ramaz, Shulamith, YCQ, YHT, and YOSS.

The results were recently released, with YHT students’ projects receiving the following honors:

First Place: Aviva Schilowitz & Jacob Wolf (Partial Desalination via Reverse Osmosis for Use in Industrial Agriculture)

Second Place: Talia Levine & Noya Misaghi (Twister!)

Third Place: Meital Atlas & Shira Rouhani (Is There a Need for Vitamin D?)

Honorable Mention: Dara Bernstein, Lielle Koral, & Emma Lieber (Effects of Parabens in Makeup on Skin); Logan Finkelstein (Are Fingerprint Traits Genetic?)

The results are a testament to the hard work of the students and their teachers, Ms. Kopman and Mrs. Lermer.