Students in Mr. David Horstman’s Engineering I and II classes have been hard at work all semester putting their knowledge of software, circuits, and engineering principles into practice through projects of their own choice and design. On May 19, 50 of them showcased their work at the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) Innovation Day, attended by 1,700 students from the tri-state area.

Congratulations to eleventh graders Esther Akperov and Leora Khaimov, who won second place in Innovation in Health Care for their glove that translates American Sign Language to text, to niinth graders Miram Cherson and Jordana Sparber, who won third place in Eco-Innovation for their automatic pet feeder, and to ninth graders Orah Fisher and Avigayil Gordon, who won third place in Technology in the Arts for their digital grogger.