HANC Middle School’s Eighth Grade Graduation took place on Tuesday, June 15, at THE SPACE in Westbury. The room was adorned with balloons and “2021,” under which the graduates could take pictures. The graduates looked extremely proud as they walked down the aisle, and their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were certainly shepping a lot of nachas.

The graduation began with a “walk down memory lane.” The graduates’ baby pictures and current pictures were projected on the huge screen, and then a montage of the Middle School years definitely caused some tears. After the procession and the anthems, sang by graduates Mark Rosenstock and Matan Galanti, Pras Hitztaynut award recipients Rebecca Ehrenhaus, Shoshana Eisner, and Matan Galanti delivered the invocation. They spoke about the theme of the graduation, which was Livnot U’l’hibanot.

Following the invocation, Mrs. Morey, the Assistant Principal, offered words of greeting. She explained that our goal in HANC was to help develop within each student intelligence and character. Alex Brand, one of the Torah Umada Award recipients, connected his family’s relationship with Rabbi Moshe Gottesman zt”l, Dean Emeritus of HANC.

Next, came the president of the yeshivah, Dr. Ruchi Kushner. She spoke about the student’s resilience and everything they accomplished, even during this unprecedented year. The program continued with a performance by the graduates on the theme of the evening. Leora Peyser, Torah Umada award recipient, spoke about doing righteous things in a righteous way. Leora thanked her own family and her HANC family for everything they did for her during her Middle School years.

Mr. Charlie Harary, noted speaker and proud parent of graduate Elisha, gave a wonderful message to the graduates. He spoke about the idea of “yachol nuchal lah.” You can do it. It was such a motivating message. Rabbi Hecht, principal, spoke about the importance of having a mission and being the best “you” that you can offer to the world. He spoke about how one should never be jealous because each individual has his or her own purpose.

Next, came the distribution of diplomas. The evening concluded with a benediction delivered by Alana Rubensohn, Rachel Wieder, and Noam Weissman, who were Pras Hitztaynut award winners. They spoke about the importance of building up oneself and others. They concluded by asking the members of the class of 2021 to help each other in good times and hard times. We wish all of the graduates and their families much brachah and hatzlachah!