Chanukah is always a special week at Central. The building is decorated, students and faculty give and receive gifts through Mystery Maccabee, Chinese Auction offerings drape the walls, and Chanukah sweaters abound. This year was no exception!

Tuesday morning kicked off with a G.O. Chagigah. The G.O. led everyone, over Zoom, in making edible menorahs from pre-packaged goody bags of pretzel sticks (candles), candy corn (flames), and fudge (base). Chanukah at Central is also not complete without a spirit of chesed. This year, students were unable to do community service in person, so Mrs. Hadassah Frankel organized a “Virtual Community Service Initiative (CSI).” Representatives from the Met Council, Shalva, and Misameach presented “virtual tours” of their activities and programs, and engaged students in hands-on activities to give them a taste of what their organizations do.

Each grade also had its own Chanukah mesibah on Wednesday and enjoyed the ability to celebrate together, while playing a fun and competitive game of Chanukah Jeopardy, run by Ms. Leah Moskovich and Mrs. Rebecca Teper. Each grade came dressed up in theme, heard a d’var Torah from one of their peers, and enjoyed yummy menorah cookies. It was a wonderful Chanukah week.