This week at IVDU Long Island Morah Frumit’s class kicked off the start of our K’riah Program with a sweet and memorable celebration. Students were treated to the traditional honey on Alef-Beis charts, made their own chocolate Alef-Beis letters, and made Alef-Beis pekalach to mark this exciting milestone.

IVDU’s k’riah program infuses elements of the Orton Gillingham method, including daily multi-sensory drills that offer auditory, visual, and kinesthetic input to help reinforce the learning. Under the direction of our curriculum coach, Dr. Rebekah Gutkind, previous months of literacy learning have focused on developing a plethora of phonemic awareness skills, a necessary groundwork for learning a phonetic language. With Dr. Gutkind’s guidance, the uniquely developed program at IVDU will help students to build meaningful language connections as they progress in their k’riah skills.

The IVDU differentiated learning model will provide students with small-leveled groupings to ensure appropriate scaffolding, progress monitoring, and ultimate success. Much hatzlachah and sweet months of learning ahead!