Despite the pandemic and the need for social distancing, SKA’s Open House was a demonstration of blended learning at its best!

As the SKA band played on, student ambassadors greeted prospective parents and eighth-grade students from many metropolitan elementary schools at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls’ Open House held on Sunday, November 8. Cars filled with applicants drove around the impressive grounds at 291 Meadowview Avenue in Hewlett at their appointed morning time slot to speak with faculty members happy to share their enthusiasm for their students and their school, to view and hear the academic and extracurricular displays and audio, and pick up materials for the Open House premiere event later that day. Even through the windows, the visitors were able to see the passion and dedication of the teachers, students, and alumnae.

The Open House program began at 7:30 that evening with an all-encompassing virtual interactive tour. Incoming eighth graders and their parents had the opportunity to navigate 360 degrees to view the imposing school building, the state-of-the-art STEM lab, new science lab, and remodeled graphic design room, as well as the sought-after Art Academy studio. The visitors were introduced to the excellent limudei kodesh and secular academic programs at SKA and the outstanding extracurricular and chesed experiences that are offered. At the touch of a button, they were able to listen to faculty members and students share their excitement about the many outstanding opportunities for growth that SKA offers.

The last part of the evening presented three perspectives in question-and-answer Round Robin sessions in a more personal exchange with SKA principals, parents and students, and faculty members.

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