HANC High School students excitedly participated in the international Shabbos Project, joining thousands around the world, with its own special programming. Students experienced a spirited morning that brought community, ruach, and education to a new level.

Students competed in a school-wide Kahoot! on Hilchos Shabbos from their respective classrooms, and had the opportunity to show off their knowledge while getting the chance to win some awesome prizes.

The girls partook in a socially distanced challah bake in the gym, prepared by Ms. Rachel Levian, and were able to learn about the special mitzvah of Hafrashas Challah – separating a special portion of the dough – with their friends, teachers, and moros. Meanwhile, the boys joined in a pre-Shabbos tish with their rebbeim and enjoyed delicious cholent, singing heartfelt z’miros as they prepared to welcome in Shabbos together. The ruach of our students was emanating throughout the entire school building!

Thank you to the Student Life Department for organizing a safe and spirited Shabbos Project experience for the HANC students.