Talmidim at the Rambam Mesivta celebrated Purim’s joy with their rebbeim in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Five Towns. During Purim day itself, the rebbeim opened their houses to the boys for singing, dancing, and nosh. In many cases, the talmidim joined their rebbeim for the full blown s’udah of challah, meat, and... soft drinks! Grape juice was offered to those who wanted to make a HaGafen.

Many alumni talmidim came back to their beloved rebbeim’s houses, as well (sometimes with their own kids in tow!), to celebrate, catch up, and exchange Purim greetings.

Soon after, the entire Mesivta celebrated Purim together at Rambam with a chagigah! Rambam rebbe Rabbi Ari Boiangiu, on keyboard, was accompanied by Rambam’s own in-house DJ, and the dancing was rocking! The Ninth Annual Best Costume Contest then took place, with the rebbeim and fellow “guest rebbeim” – Juniors Jonah Fishbein and Jackie “Maserati” Mosseri – crowning the champion. It was close, with Dovid Edelkopf dressed as the Tree of Knowledge and the Bluth Triplets dressed as rock, paper, and scissors, closely losing out to Andrew Speiser who was costumed in tribute to Rambam Jewish History teacher Mr. Berkowitz.

The Ninth Annual Purim Talent Show then took place with Elisha Bauman on guitar, followed by Benny Herskowitz’s rendition of “Piano Man.” Perennial Talent Show juggernaut Rabbi Haar also performed with a parody of, of all things, “Piano Man.” The Talent Show also showcased Avrumi Klein Beat Boxing; Eliezer Graber reciting over 300 digits of Pi; Mordechai Schmerler’s d’var Torah; the singing sensation of Yoni Szpigiel; and Binyamin Werner’s Epic Rap Parody. Just when everyone thought it was over, however, Bernardo took center stage with his guitar and brought the house to its feet! The highly coveted Rambam Purim Talent Show Plague was ultimately split three ways by Rabbi Haar, Yoni Szpigiel, and Bernardo.

The chagigah finally concluded with the Annual Purim Parody Video. The plot centered on seniors Aaron Moradi and Eliyahu Levy of Great Neck taking over the school and ousting the existing administration. Thank you to Yair Oppenheim, Raphi Lowe, and Moshe Goldfeder for helping with the video.

A great time was had by all!