In honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar, Shevach High School went on an overnight trip to the Mountain Laurel Resort in the Poconos. As the students boarded the buses, they were given sweet Danishes to snack on, provided by the Shevach PA. Shortly after leaving Shevach, one of the buses seemed to break down, conveniently at Flushing Meadow Park, forcing everyone to disembark and dance to Purim music. All enjoyed starting the trip with this surprise Purim shtick.

Upon arrival, after settling into their rooms at the resort, everyone davened Minchah and then had the z’chus of hearing an inspiring speech delivered by Rav Mordechai Fine, rav in Scranton, Pennsylvania, for many years. Rav Fine stressed the importance of serving Hashem with simchah, combined with a strong sense of emunah and bitachon. This is something we must work on and build upon constantly, as this will be the backbone of a meaningful and fulfilling life. His warm words, delivered with excitement, humor, and passion, made a strong impact on the girls.

After a scrumptious dinner from Carlos and Gabby’s, everyone went to the H2Oooohhh Indoor Waterpark. There, the girls had a fantastic time, evidenced by their dancing alongside the water. Upon returning to the resort, the school played an enjoyable game prepared by the G.O. called “How Well Does Your Mother Know You?” Students were called up and asked questions about their preferences, and then watched a video of their mothers answering the same questions. All enjoyed the game, especially the final surprise round when their principals were called up and, afterward, heard their children or grandchildren answering the questions about them. A great time was had by all! And, of course, after that, the girls danced some more, ending the night with a kumsitz.

The next morning, the school prepared for more fun and hopped on the buses to head out for another adventure, that of snow tubing at Big Boulder! The students had a blast, tubing down the mountain with their teachers and friends. The G.O. also prepared hot cocoa for the girls, which warmed them up as they sat around a bonfire after enjoying the slopes.

This fantastic trip truly boosted the girls’ simchah, apropos to Chodesh Adar. In the words of Shevach junior Daniella Haim, “Everyone came together in achdus and really had a positive experience!”

Yasher Koach to the Shevach G.O. – Tova Halberstam, Penine Rockove, Sarala Taub, Shifra Gewanter, and Daniela Haim – who, under the guidance of Shevach Educational Administrator Mrs. Devorah Kovitz, worked very hard to make this trip a reality. And kudos to Shevach Principals Rebbetzin Rochelle Hirtz and Rebbetzin Chani Grunblatt, who, along with many of their devoted m’chanchos and teachers, took the time and effort during this busy time of year, to accompany their students on this overnight trip. It was a wonderful opportunity for the girls not only to bond with each other, but to strengthen the meaningful relationships the students enjoy having with the devoted Shevach staff.