Four MTA Juniors, Aryeh Kolber, Yitzy Shaykevich, Jonathan Sherman, and Yeshurin Sorscher, had an unforgettable experience at the NCSY JUMP Create-A-Thon competition. Held on November 10-12 in Stamford, Connecticut, students from 14 high schools across the country learned the ins and outs of starting a non-profit organization and the effort required to run it. Representatives from each high school were tasked with creating their own non-profit and pitching it to a group of judges in order to get a grant to fund their project.

The MTA team spent countless hours over the course of the event researching ideas and creating “Family For All,” a nonprofit whose mission is to provide a safe space for children with parents who are going through a divorce. Attendees were also privileged to receive business plan tips from Dr. Noam Wasserman, Dean of Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business, before presenting their organization to the panel of judges.

The MTA team placed in the top six schools and were grateful for this opportunity to gain leadership experience and learn important new skills. The team hopes to continue working on the project and expand their non-profit organization.

By Jonathan Sherman (’21)