The MTA library reverberated with the sweet sounds of Torah learning on Monday, November 4, as talmidim in Rabbi Danto’s Freshman shiur completed their final stretch of intense chazarah, followed by a celebratory s’udah and a b’chinah with Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Taubes. In shiur, talmidim focus on learning b’kius bir’tzifus – learning straight for as long as they can. In the beginning of the year, talmidim learn for 1-1.5 hours straight and build up to three hours of uninterrupted learning by the end of the year.

Talmidim just completed the first six dapim of Maseches Megillah. Each talmid has reviewed every daf a minimum of four times, but more likely six or seven times, and have now reviewed all of them from the beginning in one sitting. Through chazarah and learning for extended periods without interruption, talmidim gain a deep and clear understanding of the Gemara on their own and truly begin to appreciate the sweetness of Torah.

Rabbi Taubes’ b’chinah, which talmidim passed with flying colors, showed each talmid how much he has learned and gained through this process. The talmidim were excited to dance together with Rabbi Danto in celebration of their accomplishments and were also joined by Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who were in Rabbi Danto’s shiur and remember what it felt like to complete their first intense round of chazarah. Mazal Tov to the talmidim on their incredible accomplishments!


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