The Central senior grade traveled to the Museum of Jewish Heritage last Thursday with Mrs. Tova Rosenberg, Names, Not Numbers founder, and Rabbi Joshua Strulowitz, Names, Not Numbers coordinator. The seniors were led by Dr. Paul Radensky, senior educator at the museum, who began with an overview of the Holocaust, and then guided a tour of the New York premiere of the world-famous Auschwitz exhibition, the most comprehensive exhibition to date about the history of Auschwitz. Dr. Radensky ended the day with an exploration of the life and work of Rabbi Efraim Oshry, a Holocaust survivor who wrote and buried his responsa during the Holocaust.

The trip served as a powerful introduction to the seniors, who will participate in Names, Not Numbers this year, but, as Rabbi Strulowtiz stated, “It was an essential trip for the Holocaust education of all of our students, whether or not they are in the Names, Not Numbers program.