Connection, dedication, and enthusiasm are just a few of the things that are apparent when stepping into a session of Emet’s TorahConnect for Women. Held on Wednesday evenings at Kehilat Avodat Hashem in Hillcrest, the learning program pairs Emet students of varying Jewish backgrounds with members of the community for in-depth Torah study. Attracting an average of 20 sets of partners each week, each student and mentor have been thoughtfully paired based on similar interests and personalities. The result is budding friendships and an educational and spiritually uplifting experience.

“Since starting TorahConnect for Women back in 2019, we’ve seen steady interest in the program even when it was held remotely,” said Ms. Adina Fendel, Emet Women’s Director. “One of the most beautiful developments is when the relationships between the students and mentors expand to include sharing Shabbos, Yom Tov, and other special moments outside of learning.”

While enjoying refreshments and companionship, each of the chavrusos focuses on a specifically chosen topic of study that suits their interests and abilities. Partners are learning everything from the weekly parshah, to t’filah, the laws of Shabbos, and even Hebrew reading.

“The girls have made such an incredible commitment to being at TorahConnect,” said Ms. Tami Frank, Community Liaison for TorahConnect for Women. “Initially, some girls started on a trial basis because they were not sure they could carve out the time. After one session, they were so moved by the experience that they said, ‘I’m not going to miss a week’ – and they haven’t!”

Sharen Borukhov said, “This is my first time learning at TorahConnect. I’ve been coming every week and in one short hour I’m able to learn so much, share great insights, and make real connections.”

“I was nervous at first about whether I would be able to connect and learn with a stranger. After the first meeting, I couldn’t wait for the next class,” Violetta Pinkhasov said. “The TorahConnect program creates an environment where we not only make spiritual connections with Hashem through learning Torah, but we also form spiritual connections with our learning partners. When you connect, you are motivated to learn.”

TorahConnect for women is scheduled to begin again next week. Emet welcomes more participants, and anyone looking to join should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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