Margaret Tietz held meaningful and full services throughout the chagim thanks to the young scholars from Rabbinical Seminary of America RSA-Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Queens, who led the minyanim with enthusiasm. 

The Rosh HaShanah services, which included a delicious kidush, allowed the residents to reflect on deeds from the past year and anticipate and celebrate the start of a new year. The Yom Kippur services included an appropriate Kol Nidre sermon from the rabbi. Residents expressed joy at being given the opportunity to once again be able to begin anew with a clean slate.

The residents reported that the company of the yeshivah boys was very special and that the men were extremely helpful and respectful.  The various kidushim were festive with accompanying tasty foods.

Margaret Tietz is proud to acknowledge that there was quite a nice group of residents that attended the numerous services held in the beautiful new spacious synagogue. Moreover, for the culmination of the holiday season, Margaret Tietz invited its residents to enjoy a very spacious and beautifully-decorated sukkah assembled in the outdoor garden of the facility.

For Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah, the residents very much enjoyed celebrating the holiday with the Torahs in their wheelchairs aided by the yeshivah bochurim, certainly a sight to behold! Services included rejoicing at the completion of the year’s cycle of the Torah reading as well as the commencement of the new cycle. Margaret Tietz Center was glad to once again – after such a long time – offer these joyous and important services for the residents.

“The residents appreciated that they were able to experience the Yom Tov spirit,” said Tzvi Rosen, mashgiach for Margaret Tietz over the Yomim Tovim. “The residents very much enjoyed the kidush after the beautiful Yom Tov davening that was enjoyed by all.” As one can imagine, the Yom Tov experience was quite different for the yeshivah boys accustomed to the walls of the beis hamedrash. “For us, it was a very special davening with the seniors and providing them with a regular Yomim Tovim experience,” explained Rosen. “It was our honor to join with the residents of Margaret Tietz and we are hopeful that the longtime daily minyan can soon resume.”

The facility administration wishes everyone one a happy, healthy, and very special New Year.