Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation continued their summer tradition of including a party for the Candy Striper volunteers in their programming. The volunteers constitute students who give of their time to enhance the stay of residents. Hosting this program, as well as others, continues the Margaret Tietz commitment to compassion and customized care for their residents. The pupils this time around were a wonderful group from top high schools around New York City. They readily helped in many departments throughout the facility, bringing special care that brought joyful smiles to the residents.

“We wish the Candy Striper volunteers well as they go back to school this fall,” said Linda Spiegel, Director of Public Affairs at Margaret Tietz. “Each helper brought something very special to Margaret Tietz this summer. They will be missed.”

Helpers like the Candy Stripers take residents out to the beautiful garden on premises, dance, sing, and participate in regular afternoon entertainment.