Wednesdays have always been highly anticipated as the mid-point of the workweek – when the weekend is finally in sight. Now, the Women’s Division of Emet Outreach is adding momentum to the day with an extra boost of spirituality. A new series just debuted at the Emet Center, which delivers a morning of motivational Torah classes to students.

“We decided to add the series to our growing roster of women’s programming so that our students could redefine their Wednesdays and have another option for meaningful learning during the week,” said Ms. Shira Fendel, Emet Women’s Director. “Our goal is to provide an uplifting and healthy experience for both the mind and body, so we selected the learning themes – and even the menu – from that perspective.”

The four-week series runs from 9:15 to 11:45 a.m. The morning begins with chavrusa learning and a healthful breakfast. It is followed by two amazing classes with dynamic teachers. Mrs. Nalini Ibragimov presents “Jewish Philosophy 101: Sefer HaChinuch.” Mrs. Rivka Gross inspires the students with “Pathway to Prayer.” A nutritious lunch of salads and green juices is provided for a healthful boost before students head out energized for the rest of their day.

As with all in-person classes, Emet is mindful of safety.

“The first session had wonderful energy and truly great vibes,” said Ms. Fendel. “We’re looking forward to the rest of the Wednesday series and hopefully continuing after this semester.”

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