Chanukah is always a very special time for the Mishkon family. Although COVID has forced us to celebrate differently, celebrate we did!

Our celebrations began with a Chanukah Pop-Up shop, where staff and individuals were able to shop for gifts for family and friends. This was no ordinary pop-up shop, as all items for sale were handcrafted with love by the talented individuals and staff. With Chanukah music playing, jewelry and jewelry boxes, aprons and decorated towels, mugs and beautifully decorated containers of scented soaps and body creams were offered for sale. Mishkon individuals and staff took turns coming to the event and buying their gifts. The Pop-Up Shop was a tremendous success, with all proceeds going back to the residences to be used for celebrations of their choosing.

The festivities continued as our annual Chanukah gala was transformed into smaller more personalized celebrations. The residences were beautifully decorated for Chanukah, menorahs were lit, songs were sung, gifts exchanged, and there were plenty of latkes and doughnuts for all. A special highlight of Chanukah was the multiple Uncle Moishy concerts set up across our division, which brought an extra special Chanukah spirit to each residence. It was truly an interactive experience! Clapping, dancing, and swaying with the tunes was happening, and no one left without a grin from ear to ear.

Keep your eyes open, as we are beginning to focus on Purim. Mishkon will be selling Mishloach Manos cards designed by our individuals for online and hard-copy purchases. Stay tuned: details to follow as great things are happening at Mishkon!

Mishkon is the division of The Jewish Board that provides comprehensive services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Based in Brooklyn, we offer community and day habilitation services to people of all ages. If you think we can help, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..