In T’hilim, Psalm 27, David HaMelech beseeches, “Let me dwell in the House of Hashem all the days of my life, behold the pleasantness of Hashem, and to visit in His Sanctuary.” How can David HaMelech live somewhere permanently and yet merely be a visitor? Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky explains that David HaMelech is asking Hashem to help him always have the excitement of a first-time experience when he serves Hashem. David HaMelech desires to be a dweller all of his days but yet never lose the passion of a visitor.

This message speaks to many of us at different stages of life. Rabbi Sobolofsky explains that those who are still in the tents of Torah should continue to grow with the enthusiasm of youth. Those who have reached the stage in which they are building structures of permanence for their families may lose sight of their original goals in life. The struggles of daily life can make it hard to serve Hashem with the excitement of youth. David HaMelech suffered untold difficulties from a young age, but constantly sought Hashem, ultimately reaching the level of a prophet and Hashem’s anointed. Let us strive to be able to dwell in Hashem’s house all of the days of our lives and still remain like visitors in Hashem’s home.