For over 15 years, Talkline Network host and CEO, Rabbi Zev Brenner, has been running the latest summer morning minyan in the Long Beach, Lido Beach and Atlantic Beach corridor at the Young Israel of Long Beach.  (This is in addition to the daily Young Israel 7:20 AM minyan that meets year round.)

This year, due to Covid 19, the Original 8:30 AM Minyan has been meeting outdoors in the Young Israel's spacious all weather tent, adhering to safe social distancing.

The Minyan has continued to grow in popularity and this year the Young Israel inaugurated an innovative new minhag-  custom breakfasts to go, six days a week, with a variety of fare that has been setting trends in the Community

Daveners can choose from a variety of Bagels, lox and all the delicious shmears and spreads from Long Beach's Life's A Bagel and Bogo Pizza & Catering of Cedarhurst, all customized from the simple to the exotic.  Big crowd pleasers have included add on treats such as special Ice Cream Sundays and Danish Thursdays from Country Boy Bakery.

According to Rabbi Brenner, it's been so successful that plans are being made to introduce Pizza Tuesdays and L'Chayim Fridays. Daveners of all ages have found a meaningful and delicious way to start the day. In the words of one mispalel,  " Praying at this minyan has taken davening to a new level. Yasher Koach to the Young Israel for this wonderful communal resource".

With the Young Israel welcoming their new spiritual leader, Rabbi Binyamin Silver in early September, the Shul is  looking forward to introducing additional programming to continue to lead the way for the Long Beach Community.