Yeshiva Har Torah opened its 31st year with an outdoor mifkad this past Thursday. Rabbi Menchel, the Rosh HaYeshiva, used the opportunity to empower students to strive to reach their incredible potential in their service of G-d and in their interpersonal relationships.

YHT’s midos theme for this school year is “Better Together,” which has several meanings and applications. It refers to the fact that YHT is not a community school, but rather a diverse set of parents, students, and staff from disparate communities and cultures, brought together by common values. It refers to the fact that YHT students are part of the Jewish people, recognizing others’ differences but respecting each other as part of a whole. It refers to the synthesis of Torah and Mada. It also refers to the integration of those tenets with universal values like honesty, compassion, earnest effort, and basic human decency. Students will explore these and other aspects of the Better Together theme across grades and throughout the year via weekly Table Talks for your Shabbos table to facilitate family discussions, the weekly YHTPoV podcast on Jewish education, books of the month, monthly projects, and assemblies.

Ms. Pesha Kletenik, YHT’s Principal, noted the importance of using the beginning of the year to help give the school year focus. “The beginning of the school year is a powerful time; we have so many hopes and dreams for our students. Focusing on team building skills this year will certainly help our students develop as individuals and Jews.”