At Emet Outreach, the summer months have been as exciting and vibrant as ever. Emet’s educators and students have strengthened their commitment to studying Torah and exploring Judaism. Here are a few highlights of Emet’s recent learning programs:

Summer Fellowship – The Emet Center was home to the Summer Fellowship on Monday evenings for ten weeks. Led by Campus Director Rabbi Reuven Kigel, this co-ed introductory learning program for college students was designed to be the first step on their journey to understanding Judaism. The classes began with dinner and a group lesson. Students then divided into smaller groups for learning, facilitated by Emet educators. As part of this Fellowship, students attended two immersive Shabbatons.

Beis Midrash Learning – Students who completed Emet’s introductory Fellowship program continued with the next level of Torah study in the Beis Midrash program. Taught by Rabbi Reuven Kigel and Rabbi Michael Fuzaylov, this ongoing program for young men has been held on Wednesday nights at Beth Gavriel in Forest Hills. The turnout has been wonderful and over 30 students have been attending the vibrant program each week.

Young Professional’s Interactive Discussion Series – Emet’s Young Professionals division, geared towards men and women in their 20s who have graduated college and are pursuing their careers, participated in a series of thought-provoking discussions. The format was designed to introduce a topic on anything from Torah to relationships and then to encourage a sharing of opinions by the group to facilitate connections. Moderated by Rabbi Nissim Musheyev, the first discussion was on “The Power of Emotional Energy,” and the second focused on the topic of “Living Mindfully.”

Women’s Lectures – Mrs. Devorah Kigel, an Emet educator and a respected dating and marriage coach, inspired students with a variety of informative lectures at the Emet Center. A popular speaker known for her warmth and relatability, Mrs. Kigel is dedicated to helping young girls and women find fulfillment and shalom bayis at all stages of life – from the Torah perspective. Her first topic this summer was a five-part series on “Revamping Your Dating Life to Meet Your Soulmate.” This was followed by a two-part series on “The Unique Beauty of a Jewish Wife: The Mitzvah of Hair Covering – Hashkafah, Halachah, Practical Pointers, and Inspiration.” She just completed a three-part series on “Shalom Bayis Post-Baby,” which offered advice on keeping your marriage strong even after children.

“At Emet, we never take a vacation from inspiring our students with the beauty of Torah and mitzvos,” said Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg, Emet’s Founder and Director. “We’re proud to offer a continual selection of learning opportunities and are excited for our jam-packed fall schedule.”

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