Should I send my child away for high school? Deciding whether or not to send your child away for high school can be a difficult decision. Sometimes, families live out of town and there are not that many choices of high schools or there are no options where they live. Sometimes, a child needs a certain environment and setting that is not available where he or she lives.

On Sunday night, February 13, while the Super Bowl drew a lot of attention, there was something much more attention-grabbing and meaningful. “Halftime for Torah” kicked off a rousing touchdown into the viewers’ hearts. First, Charlie Harary, well-known motivational speaker, shared that we tend to forget the journey of those playing in the Super Bowl. He noted how the Torah instructs us to procure pure olive oil crushed for illumination to raise up the Ner Tamid. The question is that we know the olives have to be crushed in order to produce oil. Why does the Torah say crushed for illumination to elevate? Olive oil represents fruit that is bitter. This symbolizes hard times. Hashem is teaching us to take hard times, crush them – work them – and from it we will raise ourselves in life.

Last Thursday night, Rabbi Shmuel Reichman spoke in Queens at Ohel Sara about his new sefer, The Journey to Your Ultimate Self. The book tour was hosted by Chazaq and the Ohel Sara Youth Minyan. As part of his book tour, Rabbi Reichman spoke in five other communities, as well. Rabbi Reichman is an author, speaker, coach, and the CEO of Self-Mastery Academy.

On Wednesday evening, February 9, Chazaq, Chickens for Shabbos, and Shlomo Meirov sponsored another wonderful distribution for m’chanchim, moros, and divorcees. Over 200 people signed up. Again, the Ner Mordechai shul in Kew Gardens kindly hosted this beautiful event. Everyone was welcomed with a smile and a personal greeting, and then they were directed to the ballroom that was filled with an incredible assortment of brand-new household items – every imaginable donated item.