Dear Alice,

 I just got back from Miami and I am so disappointed. For the first time ever I actually stayed on my plan while on vacation. I didn’t touch the bread basket or desserts by restaurants, stayed away from the late-night munching aside from my treat, and chose sugar-free frozen yogurt instead of milkshakes. However, when I came to weigh in, I found that I had lost less than half a pound, despite all my efforts! What went wrong?

Recap: Ruchama realizes that she needs to tell her mother about her scary symptoms. A girl in her class named Vivian threatens her if she doesn’t stop writing the research paper. Although she threatened her, Ruchama feels she should keep working on it because there is a possibility that it will be published in a newspaper.

A will is a written instrument whereby an individual provides for the distribution of his or her property at the time of death. There are two critical reasons why you should have an attorney draft your will. First, skilled attorneys are equipped to deal with complex legal issues, including, for example, trusts created under the will for tax planning, or trusts created to benefit minor children or disabled children. In addition, an experienced attorney can ensure that the will is signed in compliance with New York State’s formal requirements for the signing of a will. The failure to follow these rules may result in that will being invalidated. 

How do we prepare our children for the next stage of their lives?  Many young adults are off to Israel, others continuing to learn and still others are coming back and starting college.  We all daven that it all works out. But as we do, doing our hishtadlus is just as important.  The path of life is so vast, so wide and so winding.  Here are some myths to be wary about.