Yeshiva University High School for Girls is proud to announce the names of the students from the Class of 2022 who have been named this year’s Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Each of these students has devoted many long hours to their academics and have dedicated their time to contribute to the school community. The valedictorian and salutatorian are chosen based on their alignment with our school mission, academic performance, course load, midos, school involvement, contribution to our community, and citizenship.

Mazal tov to Aliza Beer, the Valedictorian of Central’s Class of 2022. A National Merit Finalist, Aliza is an outstanding academic student who excels across both Judaic and general studies classes. Her involvement in school extends to outside of the classroom, as well, with her integral contributions to our Model Congress Team, Debate Team, Israel Advocacy Group, and School Newspaper. Most importantly, Aliza’s achievements are accomplished with grace, a good nature, and a persistent smile. After studying at MMY next year in Israel, Aliza will join the Stern College for Women Honors Program. Kol ha’kavod to Aliza!

Mazal tov to Aviv Amar, the Co-Salutatorian of Central’s Class of 2022. Her academic success is coupled with a determination to be there for others despite anything she has on her own plate. Aviv’s desire to be a valued and encouraging friend and teammate has made her an essential member of our Debate Team, Mock Trial Team, Model Congress Team, Rambam Bekiyut, and Ohr Mercaz. After studying at Migdal Oz in Israel for a year, Aviv will be attending Stern College.

Mazal tov to Sarah Hamerman, the Co-Salutatorian of Central’s Class of 2022. Sarah is not only an intelligent and an outstanding student but a dedicated young woman whose determination and persistence have contributed to her continued success. Her interest in both history and the law is evident in her class choices and her commitment to the Debate, Model UN, and Model Congress teams. As the head of Model Congress in her Junior year, Sarah exceeded expectations as a mentor to others. She validated and reassured the underclassmen that they had something important to share and encouraged them to practice speaking, even if it was only for two minutes at a time. Sarah will be studying at Midreshet Lindenbaum next year in Israel and will then attend Columbia University.

The Keter Shem Tov Award is voted on by the Senior class and faculty and is an award based on midos and character. Mazal tov to Lilly Baradarian, the Central Class of 2022’s recipient of the Keter Shem Tov award. Lilly’s soft-spoken nature and the respectful way she interacts with others make her a role model for her classmates. Her ability to mesh strong academic achievement with an equally strong moral character is the epitome of Central’s Core Torah Values. Lilly will be studying next year in a seminary in Brooklyn, New York, and then will attend the Lander College for Women’s Physician Assistant program.

The senior class has also been recognized for their contributions in other ways. Mazal tov to Tamar Weiss, who has been awarded the “Triple C Award” (Courage, Commitment, Character) from New York State Attorney General Letitia James. Tamar’s outstanding academic record only begins to tell the story of her determination to succeed. Her commitment to others and mature character are clear in her interactions with both her classmates and the faculty. In addition, her leadership and volunteer work are evident in her role as leader of our Mock Trial and Model UN Teams and her efforts on behalf of the Shalom Task Force. Tamar will be studying at Midreshet HaRova next year, followed by her enrollment at Columbia University.

Mazal tov to Talia Feldman who has been awarded the YU Book Award by Yeshiva University. Her selection of challenging courses at Central, including enrollment in Stern College courses during her senior year, demonstrate her consistent desire to challenge herself. A natural actress, Talia has been an exceptional part of our Central performances and most recently took on the role of Macbeth for our Envision Shakespeare team. Her energy and drive will serve her well, both next year at Midreshet Lindenbaum and in the Yeshiva University Stern College Honors Program.

Mazal tov to Julie Horowitz who has been awarded the YU Book Award by Yeshiva University. As a celebrated co-host of our Central Podcast Club, Julie displays an openness and curiosity that make her a natural interviewer. In addition, her participation in the school’s Yachad club and Big Sister/Little Sister program are ideally suited to her talents and friendly nature. Julie will be studying in Tiferet next year, followed by her enrollment in Stern College for Women.

Mazal tov to Kayla Brand who has earned the State Comptroller Student Achievement Award. While Kayla’s diligence and hard work have helped her achieve her academic goals, she is also known for excelling on the volleyball court. In addition, her commitment to volunteer work outside of school is a true representation of the importance of chesed in her life. Kayla will be attending Shaalvim for Women next year, and will then be studying at Macaulay Honors College.

Mazal tov to Hannah Goykadosh, who has earned the State Comptroller Student Achievement Award. Hannah is one of those all-around students who appreciates and revels in liberal arts subjects and also excels in Math and the Sciences. Although she has worked hard over the past four years in high school, her innate intelligence makes her achievements look easy. Her participation and leadership roles in our Mock Trial, College Bowl, and Debate teams have also contributed to her overall success. Hannah will be studying in Midreshet Lindenbaum next year and will then be attending Macaulay Honors College.

Mazal tov to Eliana Brand who has been awarded the Central Service Award in recognition of her dedication to our school. This can be seen with her ever-present staple gun, tape, and step stool. When not in class (of course), Eliana is eager and able to fix the bulletin boards, organize Central materials, and decorate the hallways of our building. She never waits to be asked for help, but rather willingly volunteers her time in service of her classmates and administration alike. Eliana will be studying (and helping out in) Tiferet next year and then will begin her nursing studies at Adelphi University.

Please join us in congratulating our students for their hard work at Yeshiva University High School for Girls. The Class of 2022 is an enormously talented one, and we are just so proud of them all.

We wish them the best of luck now and in their future endeavors.