Are you tired of spending much time and effort, trying every silver polish on the market? Do you wish you could get the job done in a fast and easy manner? Search no more! I’d like to thank Paula Berger for sharing this invaluable homemade recipe, which works like magic in just a few moments. Read on to discover the cheapest, quickest, and a most highly effective way to remove the tarnish from some of your prized silver heirlooms.

Pantone Institute, the color reference system that predicts the most popular colors each spring and fall, is located in Carlstadt, New Jersey. Their influence on the fashion, home goods, and cosmetic industries is global. This is because color is probably the single-most-powerful communication tool that influences consumer purchases. Pantone culls its inspiration from daily life. The seasonal hues dominate from the runways to the retail stores, and eventually wind up in your closets. It’s as though a memo goes out to all the designers, fashion houses, and the beauty industry, directing them as to which colors should be featured in their collections.

Although the official date for spring is actually March 21, the weather forecast seems quite unpredictable. From chilly and rainy to comfortable and sunny, it’s impossible to shed your down jacket or transition your closet from winter to spring. If you’re dreaming of sunny spring days and warmer weather, you can simply incorporate some new colors and embrace the latest trends of the season.

Pickled cauliflower brings back so many memories of my childhood. I remember walking into the Middle Eastern market stores and getting hit with the amazing smell of the garlic and spices. Of course, as an adult I love all things pickled. The only problem with these is that you don’t know when to stop eating them! They’re absolutely addictive!

The weather’s getting nice, so here’s one of my favorite recipes for easy indoor/outdoor grilling: chimichurri skirt steak with a zesty lemon herb marinade that takes just minutes to prepare. Are you giving this a try?

Whether you’re chilling on the couch or prepping for brunch, you gotta head to the kitchen to make these gluten-free cinnamon munchkins right now! They’re a cross between a doughnut and a muffin, so fluffy and moist you won’t believe it!